Bluetooth Connected Wearable Shower Masturbation Cup – SAT00050

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Introducing our revolutionary hands-free masterbater, the ultimate solution for a delightful and immersive experience! Crafted with high-quality materials such as TPE and ABS, this adult-oriented device offers unparalleled pleasure and comfort. Designed specifically for men, it incorporates a range of features to ensure a satisfying and customizable experience.

  • Material: TPE, ABS
  • Age: adults
  • Power: USB rechargeable
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    Product Features

    Material  TPE, ABS
    Age  adults
    Power  USB rechargeable
    7 frequencies vibration
    7 frequencies thrusting
    Voice interaction
    Bluetooth connected
    IPX7 Waterproof
    Wearable device releases hands

    Product Description

    Featuring an advanced USB rechargeable power source, our hands-free masterbater guarantees long-lasting usage without the hassle of constantly changing batteries. With 7 frequencies of vibration and thrusting, you have complete control over your pleasure, making each session unique and exciting. Whether you prefer gentle vibrations or intense pulsations, this device caters to your every desire.

    Product Introduction

    What sets this product apart is its voice interaction and Bluetooth connectivity. Through voice commands, you can effortlessly switch between vibration modes and control the thrusting speed, offering a truly interactive experience. The Bluetooth connection further expands the possibilities by allowing you to sync the device with your smartphone or other compatible devices for an exhilarating hands-free experience.

    Built with IPX7 waterproof technology, our masturbation cup can be safely used in the shower or tub. Immerse yourself in luxurious relaxation as the water cascades around you, while this waterproof device continues to deliver unmatched pleasure. Its wearable design ensures that you can conveniently wear it under your clothes, enabling you to enjoy discreet excitement wherever you go.

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    Indulge yourself in the ultimate pleasure and freedom with our hands-free masterbater. It is the perfect accessory for those seeking intense satisfaction and a truly customizable experience. Perfect for solo explorations or intimate moments with a partner, this device guarantees to bring you to new heights of pleasure. Discover why it's hailed as the best male stroker on the market and take your pleasure to the next level.

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