Voice Interaction Masturbation Cup Silicone Male Stroker – SAT00049

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Introducing the Ultimate Male Masturbation Cup – our revolutionary product, designed to give men the most pleasurable and satisfying experience possible.

  • Color: white
  • Size: 266.3*85.6*82.7mm
  • Material: silicone, TPE, ABS
  • Charging: Type-C
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    Product Features

    Color  white
    Size  266.3*85.6*82.7mm
    Material  silicone, TPE, ABS
    Charging  Type-C
    7 vibration frequencies
    Intelligent thrusting
    Voice interaction
    Intelligent heating
    Skin-friendly material
    Lasting longer
    Quiet design

    Product Description

    Made from the highest quality materials, this masturbation cup for men has a sleek, modern design and comes in a stunning white color. It measures 266.3*85.6*82.7mm, making it compact yet comfortable to hold in the hand. The combination of silicone, TPE and ABS materials ensures that it is safe and skin-friendly every time you use it.

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    Product Introduction

    This masturbation cup is equipped with a Type-C charging port, ensuring convenience and efficiency when charging. No more hassle with batteries or cords - just plug in and enjoy an incredible experience.

    To enhance your pleasure, this masturbation cup offers 7 vibration frequencies, allowing you to easily customize your experience and find the perfect feeling that works for you. The Smart Thrust feature takes your pleasure to the next level, mimicking the natural movements of real intimacy for an incredibly authentic experience.

    Say goodbye to cold and uncomfortable feeling with smart heating function. This incredible feature warms up the masturbation cup, providing a realistic and more enjoyable feeling, taking your experience to new heights.

    This masturbation cup for men is not only designed for pleasure, but also for convenience. It's made from skin-friendly materials to ensure your comfort and safety every time. It's built to last, provides long-lasting fun, and endless satisfaction.
    Don't worry about using this masturbation cup in water as it's completely waterproof. Discover new pleasures in the shower or bath for a truly immersive experience.

    Best of all, our masturbation cups for men feature a quiet design, ensuring your discretion and privacy at all times. Whether you're enjoying it alone or with a partner, you can confidently explore new heights of fun without any distractions.

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    All in all, our masturbation cups for men are the perfect blend of style, innovation and fun. From smart features and customizable settings to premium materials and discreet design, it's designed to enhance every aspect of your enjoyment. Experience unparalleled pleasure and indulge in pure ecstasy with this incredible male masturbation cup.

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