Why do most girls like to turn off the lights during sex?

A few boys were a little confused and asked: Why does every time he wants to have sex with his girlfriend, she says “Honey, turn off the lights”? If he says “I don’t want to turn off the lights”, she will leave immediately and then enter a death countdown: 1…2… So, today I will tell you why most girls turn off the lights when they have sex.

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1. Why do girls turn off the lights when having sex?

Because girls are shy, girls are generally shy. Therefore, the dim environment after turning off the lights made them feel a sense of security and alleviated their embarrassment and uneasiness. Moreover, women prefer tactile stimulation than men. The hazy atmosphere allows people to focus more on caressing, and girls can get into it faster.

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2. Not confident in her own figure

American sexologist Cindy Moston said: Even though they have lived with their significant other for many years, women still worry about their lack of charm, such as their body shape, skin, and even moles on their faces. During sex, both of them are honest with each other, and the girl may be a little worried: Is my face too big? Is my high skull still there?

According to the survey: If a woman does not worry too much about her figure, she has more than 80% chance of achieving orgasm during sex; but only 42% of women who always worry about their figure.

In other words, during the process of making love, women will lose confidence because of their body shape, and thus they will not be able to enjoy sex wholeheartedly and achieve their goals. Therefore, turning off the lights is also a way to relieve anxiety.

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3. Fulfilled her own dream

As a boyfriend, you should know very well how big a girl’s imagination is. If you don’t reply, it means that this woman has suppressed his hand and the voice is too loud. She will go through all the old sesame seeds and rotten millet, and finally come to the conclusion: You don’t like me anymore!

Therefore, girls who turn off the lights during sex are also likely to have sexual fantasies. She was now on the beach, in the classroom, in the woods, and in her imagination he would turn into a tall, handsome man.

This face, this little butt, this penis, may not turn on the light as expected. But it doesn’t matter, after turning off the lights, she will imagine it herself. In short, such fantasies will make girls more excited, thereby improving the effect of sex.

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Post time: Dec-02-2023