Why do men like to tear off women’s stockings?

Someone described the feeling when a man rips off a woman’s stockings: The feeling when a man rips off a woman’s stockings is like the feeling a woman feels when she unpacks a courier package.

Today we will focus on those little fun things men have during sex, namely tearing off stockings, and explore why men like to tear off stockings.



First of all, stockings give people a very vague and hazy feeling. When a woman wears stockings, her legs are visible, but they seem invisible, just like a girl covering her face with a veil. This vague thing is very attractive, seducing men to explore deeper step by step.

Desire for control

Men naturally like to break the rules and like destructive things. Stockings are like a seal, suppressing a man’s desire for beautiful legs. Of course they want to use violence to release their desires and break the confinement. The more possessive and controlling a man is, the more enjoyable the process will be.

Conceal defects

Stockings are the same as cosmetics on women’s faces. Cosmetics cover up the flaws on a woman’s face, and stockings are like makeup on a woman’s legs. Men don’t understand the beautiful legs behind the makeup, so they are naturally curious and want to tear it off.

Post time: Dec-13-2023