Why do boys always like to spank girls?

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1.Spanking is very convenient

As a protruding part of the human body, the butt is not designed to be spanked, but strangely, it looks so elastic that boys can’t help but pat it.

The butt is made up of gluteal muscles and the upper covering of fatty tissue. Especially for girls with fitness habits, the curve of the butt will be particularly obvious when wrapped in tight pants. With a butt like this, its really hard for a boy not to want to slap it.

And not only does it look submissive, its position is also perfect. It is just in the position where the palm can be easily touched, so it is effortless and the movement is natural and smooth.

2.Increase trust

Psychologist Michael W. Kraus of the University of San Diego once tracked 30 NBA teams and found that the more physical contact the players have, the greater the team’s probability of winning.

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This is because by combining with other sensory signals, touch can more sensitively and efficiently communicate emotions, such as encouragement, recognition…

Therefore, frequent spanking between lovers can quickly bring them closer to each other. Once they become familiar with each other, their relationship will also heat up a lot.

3.Make both parties happy

This is a bit astringent.

In the traditional concept, spanking is generally a way for parents to punish their children, and boys spanking their girlfriends can satisfy their desire to conquer and gain psychological pleasure.

When a girl is spanked, the slight pain will stimulate the body to secrete adrenaline and endorphins, resulting in a different kind of happiness and satisfaction (the principle is similar to the happiness of eating spicy food), so, many people like to be spanked. .

In fact, the thick fat has no muscles, bones, or important organs. As long as you control the strength and only feel a slight pain at the time, it is very safe.

Post time: Jan-23-2024