What will happen if you don’t have sex for a long time? (for women)

Due to various force majeure factors, such as singleness, long-distance relationships, or work schedule differences, many women are unable to be with their partners often, so that they cannot have sex for a long time.


This kind of moment when there is no way to resolve physiological needs will make people inexplicably irritable, restless, and weak, and they attribute these emotions to the lack of sex for a long time.
And there is also a saying that not having sex for a long time will make the vagina tighter. Is it really as magical as everyone says? Today we are here to take you through it.

1.Will the vagina be tighter?
In fact, many people have been confused about this issue, thinking that not having sex for a long time will make the vagina tighter. However, reality tells us that this is almost impossible.

Because the vaginal muscles are full of elasticity, they will neither become loose due to excessive sex nor become tighter due to lack of sex. There are only two factors that really affect vaginal tightness: pregnancy and age.

So here’s the question, if you stay single all the time, won’t you never get loose?

Of course not!

For young women, there will be no change if they don’t have sex for a long time; but for middle-aged women, if they don’t have sex for a long time, the vagina will shrink faster.

Because the estrogen level in middle-aged women decreases, it will affect the elasticity of the skin in the vaginal wall. But if you maintain a certain frequency of sex, it can increase estrogen levels and maintain your youthful state!

Therefore, having sex with a certain frequency is good for women!

2.What will happen if you don’t have sex for a long time?
If you go without sex for a long time, it will become more difficult to enter the vagina and increase the difficulty of sexual arousal and orgasm.

I just told you some popular science. The skin of the vagina is very elastic. After not being stimulated for a long time, the state of the vagina will return to the “factory settings” and it will take longer to relax and enter the state.

Note that the “factory setting” here does not mean that it has become tighter, but that it is because you have not had sex for a long time and feel physiological discomfort and psychological “rejection” from the intrusion of foreign objects.

Not only that, when girls are in a state of sexual repression and tension for a long time, it is likely to cause dysfunction in girls. There are two main manifestations:

Sexual arousal disorder: It is particularly difficult to enter a state of excitement during sex, or it is difficult to maintain a state of continuous excitement during the process, which affects the atmosphere and experience of lovemaking.

Difficulty in orgasm: The perception of stimulation is relatively slow during the process, making it difficult to obtain pleasure, so the expectation and enthusiasm for having sex are gradually lost.

Moreover, if there is no sex for a long time, the two parties lack an opportunity to communicate and release, and it may also affect the intimate relationship between the two, so regular sex is very necessary!

3.What are the benefits of having regular sex?
Now that we understand the disadvantages of not having sex for a long time, what are the benefits of a regular sex life?

Let’s talk about the most direct ones first:

■ Consume calories and burn calories
Having sex for half an hour can burn about 200 calories, which is much easier and happier than forcing yourself to go to the gym.
■Relieve stress and sleep better
In addition to stimulating the body, it can also stimulate the hypothalamus, the “emotional center” of the brain, to secrete more dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones can calm your nerves, reduce stress hormone levels, and make you feel happier.
■ Relieve pain and release stress
You wouldn’t think so, but sex can also help relieve migraines and cluster headaches.

Because having sex can release endorphins, known as “natural analgesics,” which can effectively relieve stress, enhance pleasure, and improve pain tolerance.

So veterans of regular sex, congratulations, and please keep it up with your partner! Babies who don’t have one can also use DIY adult toys to achieve the same effect.

Post time: Jan-16-2024