What kind of girls use sex toys?

In the past, people felt ashamed when searching for “adult toys” on shopping websites.

Pampering yourself is like a taboo that cannot be spoken out. Girls who use adult toys will be labeled as “improper” and “not self-loving”.

But today, it can be discussed openly and openly.

Reports show that women have gradually become the main force in the adult toy market, and adult toys, like cosmetics, are included in girls’ shopping lists.

Such a big change makes people wonder, what kind of girls are using adult toys?

1. Girls who face their desires honestly

Why do they love to play with adult toys? A thousand words can be summed up in one word: “happy”.

Sexual desire, like eating and sleeping, is one of the instinctive physiological needs of human beings. Talking about sex is not something that women should be ashamed of. Adult toys are just an ordinary tool that can help us meet our normal physiological needs in a more clean and hygienic way.

Nowadays, women’s awareness of desire is improving. More and more women are learning to face themselves, please themselves, and choose the adult toys they need through online shopping.

2. Low sexual desire and need to be aroused

In fact, not all girls buy adult toys themselves. In order to improve their sexual life satisfaction, many boys will also take the initiative to buy adult toys for their significant other.

Due to differences in physiological structure, men and women have different reaction times in sexual life. Men are like light bulbs that turn on quickly and light up quickly. Feelings come quickly and it is relatively easy to achieve pleasure. For women, the feeling comes more slowly. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is “simmering over low heat”, especially when the mood is low.

Then during the preparation time, the boy can take out the adult toys and do some foreplay, and try to let the girl enjoy the “appetizer” as much as possible. During the actual play, you can also use adult toys as an aid to deepen the feeling of pleasure.

3.Girls who enjoy mutual pleasure with their partners

Girls who feel that their sex life is boring will actively choose to introduce adult toys to create a sense of freshness for both parties.

No matter how deep the emotion is, it can’t withstand the passing of time. When sex life becomes a task and neither person can get pleasure from it, with the addition of adult toys, each other can find freshness in the “breakthrough” and gain pleasure more easily.

Adult toys can become a bond of communication between couples. Having new adult toys is like having a steady stream of freshness.

Post time: Jan-18-2024