What are the adult toys for women?

There are many types of adult toys for women, each of which can bring different stimulation and pleasure to women. Here are several common adult toys for women:

1. Vibrator: Also known as massage stick\AV stick, it is a sex toy that looks like a magic wand and usually has different vibration modes and intensities. It can be used to stimulate sensitive areas of the body, such as C-spot, chest, etc., to stimulate intense pleasure.

2.Sexy lingerie: Sexy lingerie is a kind of sexy clothing that can increase the fun and stimulation of love. It includes various styles and designs, such as transparent lace, crotchless panties, sexy jumpsuits, etc., which can show women’s charm and sexiness.

3. Sex vibrator: Sex vibrator is a small vibrator, usually used to stimulate the vagina or C-spot. It is suitable for use alone or with a partner to increase the stimulation and pleasure of lovemaking.

4. Vestibular ball: Also called a vibrating ball or training ball, it is a spherical sex toy that is usually used to improve vaginal muscle control and sexiness. Used by inserting into the vagina and tightening with muscles, it can increase stimulation and pleasure during lovemaking.

5. Sucking toys: This is an inflatable or electric toy that can create negative pressure to attract the C-spot and simulate the feeling of oral sex. It stimulates the C-spot through suction and vibration, providing special pleasure and stimulation.

6. Simulated dildo: This is a sex toy that simulates male organs, usually made of silicone or other soft materials. It can be used for masturbation or with a partner, providing a sex-like experience and stimulation.

The above are the common types of sex toys for women. Please remember that everyone’s preferences and comfort levels are different. When choosing and using sex toys, you should choose and use sex toys according to your own needs and preferences, make sure to choose safe and reliable products, and follow correct usage Methods and cleanliness.

After doing so much science popularization for everyone, I found that the most asked question is how to choose an adult toy that suits you. Today, I will give you a super detailed adult toy selection guide from multiple angles!

1. Ergonomic

Many adult toys are beautifully designed, but when used on the private parts of the human body, it is found that they are not ergonomic at all, and the stimulation points are not in place or are uncomfortable. This also makes it easier to increase the risk of injury due to incorrect positions or angles.

Therefore, when choosing adult toys, we must also observe the shape and design. In addition to looking good, they must also conform to the body structure. It is best not to be straight, but to have some curvature or adjust the angle.

2. Good appearance and confidentiality

Many people are very concerned about the confidentiality of the appearance of adult toys. Although it is no longer an era to talk about sexual perversion, they don’t want to be discovered about private matters.

For example, those shaped like small animals, or shaped like headphone boxes, are very private, like an interior decoration.

3. Silicone has good texture

Some adult toys made of low-quality industrial glue not only cause great irritation and damage to our delicate vaginas, but also emit an unpleasant smell, which greatly affects our mood.

It is best to choose food-grade silica gel or medical grade silica gel, which not only has a comfortable texture, but also ensures our safety.

4. Adult toys should be quiet

It is not realistic to be completely silent. After all, the vibration or expansion of toys depends on the power of the motor, but we should try our best to choose toys with good silent effect.

The sound of high-quality adult toys is about 50 decibels. When playing, cover yourself with a quilt and manually silence it. Don’t worry about being heard by others, just enjoy the pleasure!

5. Good charging and waterproof

Today’s adult toys are basically magnetically charged or jack-charged. You can choose products with short charging time and long battery life, so that you can have more fun playing with them.

The 6-7 level waterproof material can be washed with confidence after pleasure, which is convenient and fast, and can also unlock bathroom tricks.

Please keep these few points in mind and you can choose your favorite adult toys according to your preferences.

Post time: Dec-05-2023