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Hello, dear friends, sexy lingerie is like a metaphysical weapon hidden in the female body, which allows men to enjoy high-quality stimulation in terms of vision, touch, smell, etc., thus Increased desire and pleasure during sex. So, no matter you are a boy or a girl, you can’t miss this topic!

As a smaller branch of underwear, sexy lingerie has far fewer opportunities to wear in daily life than ordinary underwear. But in my opinion, every girl and woman deserves and should have their own set of sexy lingerie. As social concepts become more open and progressive, matters of love are also gradually enlightened. Girls, it’s time to prepare a suit for yourself.

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Don’t choose sexy lingerie just because it “looks good”!

Don’t choose sexy lingerie just because it “looks good”!

Don’t choose sexy lingerie just because it “looks good”!

The important thing is to say it three times. If you don’t like a specific type of sexy lingerie, you must find the one that suits you, namely: body shape, style, shame level and even personality.

First, let’s talk about the most classic sexy lingerie style – lace three-point style.

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This style of sexy lingerie is generally made of lace fabric and divided into upper and lower parts. The top is a small bra, the bottom is a pair of sexy briefs, and between the two is a thin lace ribbon, outlining a woman’s perfect curves. When women put on such sexy lingerie, men will be excited and ready to move, like a hungry wolf, ready to pounce on its prey at any time.

Second, let’s talk about the more avant-garde sexy lingerie style – crotchless pants.

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This kind of sexy lingerie is a specially designed underwear for women. The front part is open, which allows women to easily engage in some special sexual games. Although this kind of sexy lingerie looks a little weird, it is a very practical sex prop that allows couples to enjoy different sexual experiences more easily. Of course, if you don’t want to wear this kind of sexy lingerie in public, you can also choose some more conservative styles, such as crotchless stockings or crotchless one-pieces, which can achieve the same effect, but it won’t be as obvious.

Several misunderstandings about sexy underwear

Misunderstanding 1: Sexy lingerie is a disposable product

In fact, in places where the underwear industry is developed, sexy lingerie is no longer just underwear to be worn during passion. Many brands of sexy lingerie are suitable for daily wear. Women consume underwear not only to please men, but also to care about their own clothing or to enhance their self-confidence. Comfortable fabrics and bold and avant-garde designs bring women a pleasant physical and mental experience in daily wear.

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Misunderstanding 2: Sexy underwear is just a few pieces of cloth and not valuable.

Ordinary clothes only have a dozen or so processes, while underwear processes range from more than 20 to more than 60. The fabrics of ordinary clothes and clothing are not close to the skin, and the materials are often good-looking. When processing underwear fabrics, you need to consider softness and elasticity, and detect whether they contain factors that may cause harm or discomfort to people with sensitive skin. Good underwear needs to be washed and tested multiple times.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that cheap clothes will have a good skin-friendly experience. Therefore, as women who pay attention to the quality of life, they should be motivated to spend more money to buy good sexy underwear. Boys can also consider preparing a more high-quality “shirt” for their partners during passionate moments.

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Misunderstanding 3: The aesthetics of sexy lingerie are “pornographic”

It can be said that the aesthetics of sexy underwear have been led astray by most businesses. Many girls and boys may have the same experience, that is, the goods are not right when they buy them home and wear them. The reason is that the models in most photos of sexy underwear have very good figures, and the good-looking clothes worn by models are often very ordinary on ordinary people. There is no distinction between age, body shape, and spending power for buyers of sexy underwear. They just use pornographic marketing methods to attract everyone to buy.

The sexy lingerie market in many regions is well segmented according to age, style, and spending power. There are often many choices. Good lingerie is expensive, but it is worth the money. Wearing truly good sexy lingerie will There will be so-called “luxury” or “high-end erotic” feelings, including retro culture, SM, etc., which have matching aesthetic and erotic products.

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Post time: Nov-15-2023