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Dominique Parisot is passionate about finding the lipstick Navarro’s cheerleaders wear, the coolest plus-size jeans, and the next status candle. She also works as a part-time dog sitter.
Dominique Parisot is passionate about finding the lipstick Navarro’s cheerleaders wear, the coolest plus-size jeans, and the next status candle. She also works as a part-time dog sitter.
It’s been three years since we first wrote about new high-design vibrators that look more like works of art than penises (or bunnies). Since then, we’ve seen a steady influx of sculptural shakers available everywhere from Anthropologie to Walmart, only to remain on bedside tables without even a glance. The vibrators represent a radical departure from past products, which Lisa Finn, Babeland’s brand manager, calls “lots of big, pink, shiny phallic machines.” Instead, they’re ergonomically designed to fit a variety of bodies, delivering powerful orgasms while also being a decoration for an Instagram photo shoot or a trinket found on a bookshelf in the background of someone’s Zoom. Companies like Maude, Tenga, Dame and Crave now sell sex toys just like they sell any other health or lifestyle product. The cool and laid back brand makes a conscious statement: physical pleasure doesn’t have to be lewd, sexist or stupid. It can just be pretty (not to mention look pretty).
We asked Finn and Dr. Manuela Maria Vazquez, board-certified OB/GYN and founder of LaMaria, for advice on choosing the best high-design environment. “Check the material,” they said. Additionally, Vasquez told us that she recommends her patients read reviews and ask friends what toys they like, as long as you feel comfortable with them. Find out as much as you can about whether your body’s structure responds to external or internal stimulation and whether you prefer strong rumbling vibrations or a more buzzy sensation, as this will best determine how much pleasure you’ll get from something. purchase. And pay attention to how devices charge: People have surprisingly strong opinions about USB cords compared to magnetic ports.
To find the best new high-design vibrators (the ones that work so well you’ll recommend them to your friends), we asked 14 women (who asked not to be named) to test top-selling toys like the Womanizer, Maude, Dame, Crave, We -Vibe, Lelo, Tenga and Je Joue, as well as some highly anticipated celebrity-endorsed selections. Of the 26 projects they tested, 20 were successful. To help us compare and contrast vibrators, we asked our testers to consider a long list of criteria when writing reviews, including materials, mechanics, ease of use, aesthetics, price, packaging, and overall satisfaction. Each tester was given two weeks to fully learn about the toy they were testing. To help distinguish one person’s opinion from another, we gave each test subject a letter from A to N. And since new vibrators are being released all the time (most notably one from Goop that has sold out for four weeks straight, and a new Drop vibrator from Maude), We will continue to add products to this list as we have the opportunity to test them.
Finn and Vasquez tell us that, from a materials perspective, medical-grade or body-safe silicone is non-porous and therefore more hygienic and feels better on the skin. Although both forms of silicone are non-porous, medical grade silicone also meets standards for use in medical devices. Other body-safe materials include glass, metals such as stainless steel, and ABS plastic.
The more speed levels a vibrator has, the more opportunity you have to experiment and find what works best for your body. Keep in mind that if you are more sensitive, you may only need a toy with a lower vibration setting, while those who need stronger vibrations will need a toy with a higher setting.
As with intensity, vibrators often have different modes that affect the type of sensation you can experiment with to find what works best for your body.
The Strategist’s best-selling vibrator, Maude’s Vibe, launched four years ago with a sage-green and forest-colored website that looks more like a place to buy sheets or silk button-downs than sex toys. Made from 100% Platinum Grade (Restricted Hazardous Substances/FDA Grade) silicone, the Vibe controls three speeds with a single button, comes in a small zippered canvas bag, and charges via USB. Maude founder Eva Goicochea and co-creative director actress Dakota Johnson recently released a second egg-shaped vibrator called Drop (see below). We tested Vibe, a neutral, thin, conical dot with a teardrop shape. It can be bought separately or together with condoms and lube, and the packaging is as beautiful as Aēsop’s.
Our thoughts: “This is amazing. He works so fast and I’m like, “Wow, I’m not even ready yet.” Tester A said he has several vibrators and prefers the more powerful ones. Big vibrator. “And I don’t think it will work because it looks like Mr. Mooji.” Tester B, who had not had much success with vibrators in the past and preferred a medium-intensity buzz, had the same reaction. “I launched it without high expectations, simply because the company is relatively new and we live in a world where Hitachi sticks from the 1970s are still hugely popular. The best way to describe it is a cliffhanger. It flew right over me. I was completely baffled.” Tester B added that of all the vibrators she (and he) tried, her boyfriend liked this one the best. “It was easy to hold one end and use the other against him, and he could feel the vibrations even without direct contact. Now he’s been asked more than once about “that cone” during sex.”
Buy it if: You want an almost guaranteed orgasm within two minutes. Or if you want a no-frills, high-performance device that is at least aesthetically a blank slate. The light gray shapeless shape means Maude Vibe is suitable for use alone or with others. The small size makes it a great beginner toy for anyone interested in anal sex.
Tenga is famous for its strokers and penis toys. But this Japanese brand makes some of the most beautiful vibrators (that don’t look like vibrators) on the market. The Tenga Iroha collection is reminiscent of delicate perfume bottles, mochi ice cream, shells and glazed ceramic jars. It’s made from body-safe silicone, has a super soft texture, the plexiglass display case also charges toys, and the colors are super pastel. We tested six Tenga vibrators: Minamo, Yuki, Rin, Temari, Kushi and Tori. They all look beautiful and are comfortable to hold, but two of them are our favorite: Tori, which resembles a small bird and has five vibration intensity levels and two pulse modes, and Kushi, which looks like beautiful seashells to take home from the beach.
Our Thoughts: Testers H and M agreed that these six Tenga toys contain the softest silicone they’ve ever seen in a sex toy. “Since I prefer stronger vibrations, I liked the Tori best because it has a more powerful motor and additional vibration settings compared to the Yuki and Minamo,” said tester X. He admired how the Tori’s shape made the user feel. Her entire vulva has a pointed tip for more precise stimulation. Overall, Tester H found that the vibrations of all three Tenga toys she tested were within the vibration range. “Although Yuki and Minamo are a little too gentle for my taste, I found that all three toys produced orgasms very slowly, and the subtle sensation worked well to induce multiple orgasms.” too small and she had to use them for longer periods of time, having to constantly change owners. Both testers liked that each toy came with its own charging case. Plus, perhaps more than any other vibrator on this list, these vibrators can literally be placed anywhere in your apartment without your guests even realizing it. Case in point: “When I put my sculpture on the bedside table, my mom asked me where I got the new sculpture,” tester X said.
Like Tori, Kushi has the most powerful motor and the strongest vibration of the three M toys tested. In fact, Kushi is so intense that it doesn’t take much effort to climax. In comparison, Rin is so tender that it is difficult to continue to climax, and Temari, although beautiful to look at and quite strong, is a bit clumsy to control. Kushi was the only one of the three toys she tested in both the bed and the bath (all six Tenga toys tested are waterproof to 20 inches), and it performed well in both situations, although the effects were quicker in the bath. Since Kushi is pretty enough, she can look at him all day and happily play with him later in the evening. Overall, tester M was so impressed with Kushi that she added her to her regular toy rotation. What she likes most is that the pointed tip and numerous ridges send vibrations to all the right places. “It was the first time I really understood the phrase ‘a rib for her pleasure,’” she said.
Buy it if: you want a 101-rated toy that could easily be mistaken for a piece of art, you like a little build-up orgasm, or you’re sensitive.
Je Joue has been around longer than most of the companies on this list, but it’s one of the brands that makes minimalist luxury vibrators that can get lost among some of the ceramic sculptures, especially the pebble-shaped Je Joue Mimi. often appears on the best products. – List. Like the Maude Vibe, this is the most discreet vibrator we’ve ever tried, especially if you buy it in black. It has five speeds and seven modes, all of which are controlled by three buttons: plus, minus and a beat mixing button.
Our Thoughts: Tester D, who prefers deeper motor power (his primary vibrator is a real back massager), liked the Mimi. “I used Mimi after using another product that I didn’t like and it was like a ding-dong sound!” (In case you couldn’t tell, that ding-dong sound is an orgasm.) “And, very carefully,” Tester D added. Tester B said the Mimi is similar to the Maude Vibe—the looks aren’t controversial, and he fits easily during sex – but due to its oval shape, it applies wider pressure to the entire area around the clitoris and therefore works faster. Much slower. But it works.
Buy if: You want a good mid-range vibrator with a slightly softer motor than the Maude Vibe and a wider variety of vibration rhythms. Whether you use this product alone or with a partner, you can’t go wrong with this product.
If you know Crave, it’s probably because of the Vesper, a long, thin bullet-shaped vibrator that hangs from a chain and is available in silver, gold, and rose gold. The necklace is the brainchild of Crave’s lead industrial designer Tee Chang, who aims to change the social stigma around sex toys by improving their aesthetics. Not only is the Vesper about the size of a golf handle, making it extremely portable, but it can also be easily charged via any USB port.
Our thoughts: The Vesper is equally suitable for use on the road, alone or with a partner. Its hidden design means you can wear it in public and use it almost anywhere you’re in a good mood. It’s much more powerful than you’d think for such a slim vibrator and has four vibration modes: low, medium, high and pulsating. “Sometimes my partner takes it off the nightstand on a chain, and it’s so sexy,” says Tester D, who likes to wear it as a provocative little secret. The Vesper doesn’t just look like an exquisite piece of jewelry; It’s made of stainless steel and finished in one of three precious metals, all of which are body-safe and non-porous. Tester M has owned the rose gold Vesper vibrator for two years and finds it the perfect vibrator for long weekend trips. “Because it’s so small, I can easily throw it in a toiletry bag or travel jewelry bag, and I never have to worry about hiding it somewhere in a hotel room or Airbnb, let alone a room in the house my parents. It’s very subtle, but the powerful buzzing vibrations still work better than most of the larger, more complex vibrators I’ve tried,” she says, adding that she loves how easily the metal fits against her, how it glides across her vulva and warms up to her body temperature.
Buy it if: you like buzzing vibrations, like to sneak a vibrator out of the house, want something that’s easy to take on a trip, or are looking for a sexy gift for your partner. There’s nothing better than this.
Touch It has a small figure-eight shape with a section cut off in the middle for easy grip and a wider bottom half that fits well in the palm. Its curved shape and flexible tip are sexy and a little stylish, but probably aren’t neutral enough for a bedside table. A white satin storage pouch is included, so there’s no shame in leaving it behind. It has a two-hour battery life and comes with a USB cable that magnetically attaches to the vibrator, which is especially nice since there are no internal ports for lube or soap to get stuck in. Travel lock is a cool feature: just press and hold the plus and minus buttons and the vibrator won’t accidentally turn on in your bag and drain your battery or get you into an awkward TSA situation.
What we thought: “The Touch X is described on the box as a ‘magical multi-tasker,’ but I think it would be more accurate to call it a ‘magical multi-orgasmator,’” said tester Y. It’s somewhere between a designer vibrator and a more obvious sex toy . It may not serve as a small modern sculpture (like Maude) or a pendant necklace (like Crave), but it certainly doesn’t look like a tacky gag gift. This is also from Sri Lanka, Spencer. What the Touch X lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in perfect shape and size (at least according to this tester). “As good as something like Crave is, I doubt it will fit as perfectly into my anatomy as Touch. There’s a buzzing sound that makes it even more exciting.” The tip slides smoothly under the labia and touches the head of the clitoris. but you can also use it outside of the labia for a softer, less direct feel. Despite the powerful motor (especially at high intensity levels), this vibrator is so quiet that you won’t be able to hear it from across the room (or even from across a relatively large room). Touch If you’re close to orgasm but just need a little push, you can immediately increase it to the maximum. Because the vibrations are concentrated at the tip, the base is easier to grip and use, resulting in a softer, softer feel. If she had to pick one feature to criticize, it would be the minor one. “I would mark the plus and minus signs on the buttons as raised rather than indented to make it easier to see which one you’re pressing when using the vibrator,” she says.
Buy if: You’re new to vibrators, such as external stimulation with different vibration modes to choose from, or you want something that’s nearly silent so your roommates won’t know every time you masturbate.
The Smile Makers Ballerina is a cute item that looks a bit like a pointy egg and is very nice and heavy in the hand. It’s about 3.5 inches tall, made of smooth silicone, and has just two small control buttons and a small charging hole. In other words, very carefully and not at all intimidating. There are six speeds and six pulsation modes, and you can switch between all seven modes using the larger button (the smaller button will take you to the previous mode).
What we thought: Tester G was drawn to the Ballerina Vulva Vibrator’s concept—its “organic shape envelops the vulva in a luxurious embrace and provides healthy stimulation”—because she prefers an external vibrator. “It’s very intuitive to apply it to your body,” she says, explaining that you place the tip on the clitoris and the wider end on the vulva, and it envelops the entire area, although the sensation is concentrated on the clitoris. Overall, however, this toy was too gentle for tester G, whose vibrator choice was the very powerful Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. “I found myself switching between Quad Pulse and Max Speed ​​as the other modes felt too weak. However, the top speed was manageable, and I found that I had to press it against my body to really feel it,” she said. But once she’s in the right position, orgasm comes quickly, so she recommends it as a starter vibrator for anyone just starting out on their sex toy journey. “It’s user-friendly,” she says, her voice starting out slow and soft, and the design “very easy to learn.” She loved holding it in her palm and squeezing. On the other hand On the other hand, she said the $200 price tag is too high considering Hitachi’s rechargeable model costs just $90, is more powerful, more versatile and easier to switch to your preferred mode, and you can get several entry-level vibrators for less than for $100 Overall, the Ballerina isn’t the first vibrator she’s used, but since it’s so compact, she’d consider taking it with her on a trip, and since it’s beautifully packaged, with a sleek storage bag and with a small charging cord, she can imagine it would make a good gift.
Buy if: If you’re looking for an entry-level vibrator with a few extra features and a low profile that really looks good and feels comfortable in your hand.
When Goop first announced its own vibrator, people went a little crazy: The brand’s double-ended wand vibrator, which looks a little like a Barbie microphone and a little like an ice cream cone, was out of stock for at least four weeks. . Since Goop is known for some wacky products—like vaginal scented suppositories and vitamin supplements that are heavily associated with the potions realm—we were curious to know what’s causing such panic. But like everyone else, we have to wait. still. The vibrator has two independent vibrating ends. On one side is a pink ball-shaped vibrator, and on the other side (the part that looks like a handle) is a cone-shaped vibrator, which tester H described as “very similar to the Maude Vibe.” Both sides offer three speeds and five pulsation modes, and can be turned on and off independently. Vivi is waterproof, made from body-safe silicone and has a rechargeable battery.
Our Thoughts: “I prefer suction cup toys and am a little picky about vibrators, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this vibrator actually delivers deep, full orgasms—and then some,” said tester X. Although she appreciates the versatility of the two vibrators different shapes in one toy, she prefers the rumbling vibrations on the ball end rather than the buzzing vibrations on the pointed side. Although the vibration patterns are extensive, she prefers to stick to the first three standard vibrations of varying intensities. Most wand vibrators offer little in the way of improvements to the classic Hitachi wand design from decades ago (Le Wand is probably the closest thing to an update, and all they’ve really done is put it in rose gold packaging). However, it’s hard to deny that this toy is stunning: the abstract shapes are pleasing to the eye, and the gold hardware feels especially nice in the hand. Of all the toys the tester tested, she found this toy to be the smoothest-feeling silicone toy. Extremely soft to the touch. Plus, the toy has an easy-to-read battery indicator so it never runs out of charge during exercise.
Like the Vibe, Mod’s newest vibrator, the Drop, is made from 100% platinum-grade silicone and comes in two stylish colors: gray and green. It also comes with three speeds. Aside from the obvious differences in size and shape, what differentiates the Drop from the Vibe is that the Drop is “designed as a full-body and erogenous zone massager,” which is exactly how our testers tried it.
Our Thoughts: As with the Vibe, the Drop’s motor is so powerful that tester N, who prefers less vibration, found it a little overwhelming. However, she says it’s very quiet, which is a plus since her apartment’s walls are paper thin. Its shape is designed to fit in the palm of your hand, but even with her large hands, she found it a little bulky, especially during sex. “It’s really… convex,” she said, adding that the shape makes shifting between speeds not as easy as you might think. “I tried to turn it off a few times and accidentally turned it on,” she said. However, for other parts of the body, Drop is easier to use and more effective. After a long run, she decided to try the Drop to strengthen her tired muscles. “It felt weird at first. (A vibrator? On my calves?) Then it felt great. Later, after a long day of walking, I used it on the ball of my foot and will never stop doing it. Use it.” She said the Drop is easy to clean with any mild soap and water.
Buy if: You like strong vibrations in a quiet, compact design that can be used during sex or as a way to soothe tired muscles.
Suction toys focus vibrations and air pulsations into a small round cup that surrounds the clitoris and feels similar to oral sex. There are many suction cup toys on the market now, but the Womanizer was the first to do it and many still consider it the best. The Womanizer Premium has 12 intensity levels that you can manually switch between, as well as an Autopilot mode that lets you switch between levels if you just want to turn it on. It’s barely audible when it’s under the blanket and only starts working when it touches the skin, which is a nice touch. Plus, it’s completely waterproof and easy to clean, not to mention it’s great for those who like to put their toys in the bathtub. In addition, the Womanizer Premium comes with two easily replaceable stimulator heads of different sizes, so it can work with different body types. Additional heads can be purchased from his website.
What We Think: Overall, suction cup toys are more likely to produce deeper, fuller, and more intense orgasms than regular vibrators. They can get you there in no time. “I’ve tried a few less expensive suction toys, and while some of them produced similar orgasms, none of them touched the thoughtful details that went into the Womanizer Premium’s design,” says tester X. Although this tongue-like shape may not be that While it’s sleek like some of the other toys on this list, its functionality more than makes up for it. The toy sits between your legs so you can be hands-free if you want, and although the body of the toy doesn’t vibrate, you’ll have a pleasant experience sitting on your vulva as the head of the stimulator begins to work on your clitoris. It’s very easy to hold, so your hands won’t cramp during long workouts. “I’ve had this computer for over a year now and it has taken pride of place in my nightstand drawer. Even though it’s expensive, if it breaks, I don’t have to go to the store to buy a new one. He works. for me life becomes crucial,” she said.
Liberty looks like a small pink avocado with a white tip on one half where the avocado pit is visible. The lid (which attaches magnetically) looks more like a whole avocado than a sex toy. The particular version of Liberty we tested was designed in collaboration with singer Lily Allen, and features her face painted all over the packaging. Her work with Womanizer is part of a campaign to destigmatize pleasure and sex. The Liberty’s exterior is made of hard plastics that don’t feel very luxurious, but the lower section that actually touches the body is a bit softer. The piece is made of medical grade silicone, which is smooth but not as soft as other toys on this list. It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable, two attachments to fit different clitoris sizes, a stylish magnetic cap, and a removable head that makes the vibrator easy to clean.
What we thought: The Liberty buzzes like a traditional vibrator, but its main appeal is its “pleasant air technology” that creates a suction sensation that stimulates the clitoris without direct contact. Even on the ground floor it is quite noisy: it gets a little louder when it touches the body, and quieter when you pull it away. Compared to the Touch X tester I also tried, the Liberty is about the same size. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and follows the contours of your body. It also stays in place between your legs without you having to hold it, which is a plus for hands-free gaming. To create a suction sensation, the hollow tip surrounds the clitoris and delivers intense pulses of air. Tester I said, “Although it doesn’t make direct contact with the clitoris, I found the sensation to be very intense and a little overwhelming even at the lowest intensity level.” you’ll spend almost $100. First of all, you better make sure you like the suction. Tester I realized that she preferred the more traditional buzzing sensation on or around her clitoris, and the suction wasn’t quite what she wanted. However, if you like the feel, the Liberty might be a good choice due to its powerful suction feel and six (very strong) speeds.
If you’ve spent any time shopping for vibrators, you probably know Lelo. Sex bloggers love the company, and its Sona vibrator has thousands of four-star reviews on It’s shaped a bit like a curved computer mouse, with a soft silicone body and a luxurious rose gold panel on the back. It is completely waterproof, quiet and very discreet.
What we thought: “The first thing I thought when I opened it was that it looked like a small animal trying to suck on my nipple,” tester E said of the shape. Tester C, on the other hand, loved the design: “It feels really good in the hand, and the black and gold packaging is like, just grab it tonight. I like it better than the pink thing. I don’t think I sex was cute. Was a lot of things, but not like that.” “The Sona was crazy as hell. “Exhausted,” said Tester C, the most experienced tester in the group. Tester B (who prefers mid- to high-power motors) said the Sona consistently delivered intense orgasms, partly due to the higher vibration levels and mode menu, and because the Sona’s curved shape makes it easy to hold the button with your thumb and the feel changes as you go.
Purchasing Conditions: Sona is best for those who like strong sensations and enjoy a variety of models and vibration levels.
Like the Womanizer, Lelo Sona, or Lora Dicarlo Baci, the We-Vibe Melt features a cup-shaped tip made of waterproof silicone that vibrates and pulsates air to stimulate the sensations of oral sex (god, isn’t it!). But unlike the other three models, Melt can connect to the We-Connect app for touchscreen control and long-distance gaming.
Our Thoughts: For personal workouts, this app is a game-changer: It tracks battery percentage and displays a full range of intensity levels, so you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button (or losing power) in the heat. moment. However, the app can be a little finicky when used from a distance. “My partner was able to control the intensity of the vibration all the way from Mexico, but we lost connection a few times, which definitely affected the mood,” said Tester L. Internet connectivity aside, with 12 different vibration levels and suction strength, this the most powerful vibrator she had ever used. But don’t let this scare you. As someone who prefers slower, rumbling vibrations, she says she gets through it in five minutes on the lowest setting. “It’s also quiet, which is important to me—a loud buzzing vibrator can be distracting, especially since I live with roommates,” she says. While the design may not be discreet enough to fit on a bedside table, she finds it especially cute, saying, “I like to joke that she’s ‘sleeping’ while it charges in the white satin case.” Sometimes she just uses it to stimulate her nipples. But no matter how she uses it, she uses it every time. After nearly nine months of testing, he had yet to let her down.
What to Buy: You want an app-powered suction cup vibrator that you can use with a partner (or alone!) for intense stimulation.
Dame products are known for their ultra-soft silicone and innovative shapes, such as the company’s latest Dip model. They were developed by two women: one studied clinical psychology, and the other worked as a mechanical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (They’ve already done the research, Finn says.) The idea: Vibrators should fit into human sexuality in a way that feels natural. “Because of this, we always strive to not be the second or third person in the room,” said Janet Lieberman, one of the founders. “It’s not that people want to have sex with robots. They want to have sex with people, but they use robots to feel a more real connection.” Dip has five intensity levels and is available in two colors.
What we think: The Dip is USB rechargeable, made of smooth silicone, and requires just one button to turn it on and cycle through five intensity levels. “I really like the ergonomic design; this vibrator fits well in the hand and is easy to control,” said tester X, who found it best for external use or shallow G-spot penetration. “Although the lower setting is not powerful enough for me – I have to constantly use the top two settings, I think this is a great starter option for first time buyers,” prefers air suction. Tester H added toys and powerful vibrators. . “And for just $35, the drop is truly impressive.”
The Lady’s fin is shaped like a smooth jewel with grooves on both sides so it can be held between your fingers (think of holding a cigarette). The Fin has two modes, three speeds, comes with a satin case, and charges via USB cable.
What we thought: Silicone feels like expensive silk. Colors like navy blue, seafoam green, and rose quartz are also very pretty. Two of our reviewers preferred the Fin, finding it more versatile and easier to use. Tester D admittedly liked the purring, powerful engine, but was personally unimpressed with the Fin, but did like the finger-stretching design. “If you take long putts with a little pressure, I think you can get close,” she said.
Buy if: You have sensitivity. The velvety surface and relatively low-power motor mean it doesn’t overload the delicate nerve endings of the clitoris. Or if you’re looking for a discreet vibrator to take into the bedroom with your partner.
Like the Fin, the egg-shaped Eva is carefully designed and features two thin ‘wings’ that fit under the labia for hands-free clitoral stimulation and is also ideal for partner play. Eva is 10% smaller than the original, has shorter wings and a better fit. It has three speeds and a charging base that connects to USB. It’s also waterproof, so you can test it in the shower.
Our Thoughts: Only one of our two testers (Tester K) managed to keep Eve in place during sex. But it worked for her. “I like the hands-free feature. I can wear it while doing other things and at maximum speed it is very powerful. I also like that my partner can wear it using the strap, it will be less work for lazy old me” ” she said. Since all vaginas are built differently, just because some of our reviewers had problems doesn’t mean everyone will have problems. Additionally, Dame has redesigned the Eva to have a better fit, and offers easy returns within 60 days.


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