How to use a masturbation cup most comfortably [Tips Recommendation]



1. Do a good job of lubrication: The masturbation cup is made of silicone and does not secrete body fluids like humans. It may cause pain if you enter it directly. You can apply some water-soluble lubricant before use to provide a better experience.

2. Heat the inside: Some electric masturbation cups have automatic heating functions, and some do not. Before use, you can run hot water through it or heat it with a special heating rod before use. This can make the masturbation cup feel more realistic when used. More comfortable.

3. Air exhaust method: This is to exhaust the air in the masturbation cup, so that the cup body will have strong suction, which will be more exciting when used!

4. The method of making fire with bricks and wood: This is to put the cup into the front part and rotate it back and forth. The posture is a bit like drilling wood to make fire. This way you can also get a stimulating experience!

5. Nowadays, there are many famous tools on the market that are made of real people. You can use them with your hands free, so you can have more ways to play. As long as your imagination is rich enough, there is no way you can’t think of!

Post time: Nov-11-2023