How should a novice choose sex toys?

1. Massage position

First decide on the area you want to massage, whether it is a sex toy that can be inserted into the body or not.

2.Toy size

We recommend that novices choose smaller sex toys or smaller sticks first, which will be easier to master.


Beginners are advised to choose a wand that is made of softer material and can bend. This can reduce the chance of hurting yourself when using it.

4. Vibration intensity

Most vibrating sex toys also have intensity or vibration frequency options, but some only have a single vibration frequency. It is recommended that novices choose sex toys that can adjust the intensity and try out which intensity toy they like.

5. Function

Products are changing with each passing day, and there are more and more different functions, such as mobile phone remote control, temperature sensing, motion sensing… We recommend that novices choose according to their own personality preferences. For example, friends who are afraid of complicated operations can choose simple one-click operations. Sex toys; those who are more adventurous or want to experience new technologies can choose multi-functional sex toys.

Post time: Oct-07-2023