How do couples play SM and what do they need to pay attention to?


1. Practical Guide for Getting Started with SM: Voluntary Determination of Rules

Although there are many forms of SM, there is one principle that all SM activities must abide by. This is also where SM differs from sexual violence/abuse, that is: both S and M must be in a situation where they have the ability to express their true wishes. Under this circumstance, after fully understanding the content and risks involved in the activity, an agreement should be reached before the practice begins.

2. Practical guide for getting started with SM: Determining the safe word

A good S needs to determine the “safe word” with M at the beginning. Sometimes M may forget it, but is unwilling to admit it because of face. So it is better for S to take the initiative to mention it. As S, in the game, although the safe word is formulated, M rarely uses it, which is the best state.
Once the game becomes unbearable, S must stop immediately after M speaks the safe word. The safe word is preferably a word that has nothing to do with the current scene.

3. A practical guide for getting started with SM: ensuring emotional and physical safety

This means asking your partner if they feel comfortable. A simple “Are you okay?” might be enough, or we can set up a nonverbal code to communicate how we’re feeling, such as a double tap to let the other person know we’re feeling fine.
This also means we need to always make sure our partner is physically safe. For example, when you tie up your partner, you need to check the tied skin to make sure blood circulation is not blocked. Or when spanking the other person, you should make sure that the force is not too strong for the other person to bear.

4. Practical Guide for Getting Started with SM: Using Sexy Props or Toys

SM is exciting on its own, but adding some sex toys can elevate the fun. Buying things with your partner, such as strap-ons, chain nipple clamps, vibrators, lube, etc., can help us become more involved in the role.
In short, give full play to our imagination and buy any sex toys that can make you and your partner feel happy.

Post time: Oct-26-2023