Can mouth balls silence girls?

The so-called “saliva ball” is called a “mouth gag” in sexology terms. Its main purpose is to control the sound or for certain sexual behaviors. In fact, mouth plugs can limit the production of sounds, but they cannot completely eliminate them. After all, human sounds do not only come from the mouth.


The original design of the mouth gag was mainly used in medical settings to prevent patients from biting their tongues or biting people due to pain during surgery. In modern society, they are used in certain sexual cultures, such as BDSM culture. They are used to limit the emission of sounds and increase a sense of control and submission, but do not completely stop the sounds.

The most common type of mouth gag. The structure of the mouth plug is a small plastic ball, connected to both ends of an elastic band. The balls have different diameters, and there are two types: solid and hollow. Small diameter gags are suitable for Asians, while larger diameter gags are suitable for Westerners. When using, insert the small ball into the mouth, let the teeth bite the small ball, and then tighten the belt. Because the mouth always remains open and the swallowing action cannot be completed, most of the time, hollow mouth plugs will cause saliva to flow out after being worn for a long time, causing a sense of humiliation.

Post time: Nov-06-2023