Adults Toys

Hello, have you ever had the trouble of not knowing where to buy adults toys? Do you know what kinds of adults toys are there? There are many types of adults toys and their uses are different.
Adults toys include adult vibrators, erection rings, dildos, sexy lingerie, family planning products, men's and women's sex toys, and sex furniture. Sex toys specifically refer to lubricating fluids, external delay products, care fluids, flirting perfumes and some special products. Sexy furniture refers to sex pillows.
Here is a brief introduction to the most popular male and female toys, namely masturbation toys.
There are male and female devices that are good substitutes for some males and females who lack a sexual partner. The X impulse is a kind of energy. Instead of suppressing it painfully, it is better to let it have a suitable release channel, so this kind of sex toys is really helpful for couples living together. With the help of modern technology, there are many types of remote interactions in different places.
Female sex toys mainly include: vibrators, vibrating eggs, sucking toys, etc.


1. Vibrators. The vibrator is the classic image of a feminine appliance. If subdivided from a professional point of view, it can be divided into many types. But for ordinary consumers, they only need to know whether there is thickness, straightness, and whether there are other functions. Other features here include bunny ear dual shocks, automatic retraction, heating, spinning beads, and more.
2. Funny vibrating eggs. The vibrating eggs include external vibrating eggs and built-in vibrating eggs, some of which are connected with the remote control and the main body, and some of which are separated from the remote control. The former is suitable for one person to play, and the latter is more suitable for two people to use together. In addition, there are many types of vibrating eggs, such as wired vibrating eggs, wireless vibrating eggs, remote control vibrating eggs, APP remote control and so on.
3. Suck on toys. Sucking toys are more popular toys in recent years, and the effect is indeed better. Not only does it have a vibration effect, it also has an air suction port for more accurate stimulation. The principle is basically to stimulate the nerve endings under the beanie through pulsed sound waves, so that almost everyone who uses it can achieve orgasm. The principle is simple, it can be said to imitate the effect of oral sex.
Male sex toys mainly include masturbation cups, molds, and physical dolls.


1. Masturbation cup. Everyone is familiar with the masturbation cup, even if you have never used it, you have heard of it. Today's masturbation cups are also diversified, divided into three types: masturbation eggs, manual masturbation cups and electric masturbation cups. The main material of the liner is TPE, which is softer than silicone. It is the preferred material for the liner and one of the main materials for solid dolls.


2. Turn the mold upside down. Inverted molds are also called names, sometimes called soft glue, which are imitations made according to different parts of women. Compared with the masturbation cup, the comfort of the inverted mold is higher, and most of them use virtual skin TPE, the main difference is that the parts are different.

3. Physical dolls. Physical dolls are relative to inflatable dolls. There are very few inflatable dolls now, and most of the sales are physical dolls. The internal material of the physical doll is basically a steel skeleton, and the external material is divided into three categories: TPE, silicone, silicone head + TPE body. The material here refers to the material of the head and body, excluding other small things such as external decoration.
With the acceleration of the pace of life and the continuous improvement of material standards, especially single people, who are affected by work pressure during the day, need a way to release themselves. On lonely nights, sex toys can give you mental and physical satisfaction.

Post time: Aug-05-2023