How does Sadism train Masochism?【SM Classroom】

SM is a special way in sexual life and has a variety of ways to play. Sadism and Masochism represent different attributes of both parties. So there is a big difference between the methods of Sadism and Masochism in sexual life. So for novices Sadism, how to start training Masochism? Now let’s teach you how to train Masochism.

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The shame mission that Sadism gives Masochism is not focused on the mission, but on the shame. The shame task is to attack the inner shame to a greater extent, and for novices who lack experience in this area, the effect is very significant.

In specific task scenarios, you can use some vulgar and insulting words in language, but you must pay attention to the language propriety. Vulgarity does not mean cursing. You can use some shameful words directed at sexual organs. In terms of movements, Masochism can be made to do some postures that have never been done before. For example, you can expose your private parts and show them completely. Or do some K9 postures, and you can also tie Masochism into various postures. Of course, your technique must be good, otherwise it will look weird.

During the training process, the body does not have to be completely naked. Undressing methodically and skillfully will stimulate Masochism and create a different sense of shame. For example, use scissors to cut open underwear. Of course, you need to bring an extra pair.

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Put the undressed underwear into Masochism’s mouth. If you have a mouth ball, you can skip this step. In the process, Masochism must obey the orders and requirements of Sadism. You can reject what is really unacceptable, but not everything must be rejected. In the process of giving orders, Sadism must respect Masochism and do not act too excessively.

In the process of Masochism executing orders, if Masochism makes a mistake, Sadism can give a certain punishment, such as how much SP can be punished for making a mistake. When punishing, let Masochism count it out.

Because the shame game mainly targets psychology, it cannot be played too frequently, otherwise once Masochism is adapted, it will reduce the fun. It is best to play it once a month or more, and after the shame punishment, efforts should be made to return to normal. Stay in the relationship and keep sex a mystery.

If you consciously control the sexual desire and sexual behavior of Masochism, the next shameful punishment will be more unforgettable!

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For Masochism who likes humiliation, you can say “Put my bag on your waist, take it over, kneel and crawl over, raise your butt a little higher”; for Masochism who likes discipline, you can say “Put my bag above your head, kneel and crawl, keep your hands raised as high as possible and don’t shake them.”

Explicit details are definitely much more exciting to Masochism than simple commands. Then you have to learn to control the atmosphere. The atmosphere is very important in the training process, but many Sadisms often ignore this point. Why are love hotels more popular than regular hotels? Just because the atmosphere is right.

There are three main elements to create an atmosphere: clothing, environment and rhythm.

Needless to say about clothing, everyone has their own favorite style. Abstinence-related formal wear, plastic clothing, cat clothes, etc. can allow both parties to receive stimulation and enter the state faster.

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Regarding the environment, some people like ascetic style, some people like dark style, and some people like warm and cozy environment. It varies from person to person, but at least it should not be a boring environment.

The last and most important thing is the control of rhythm. Sadism should know when to do what and whether the rhythm should be fast or slow through the understanding of Masochism.

All training is based on mutual trust between the two parties. If Sadism does not trust Masochism, it will not be able to issue orders freely. If Masochism does not trust Sadism, then no matter how she orders and controls, she will not get any pleasure, because she cannot obey from the bottom of her heart and give herself completely. Trust is the foundation and the key to determining whether Sadism and Masochism can live together for a long time.

Post time: Jan-12-2024